Portugal Golden VISA

Golden Residence Permit

Portugal Golden VISA

The Portugal Golden VISA is Permit attractive for investors who would like to enjoy the quality of life, great weather and safety that Portugal has to offer but also take advantage of being part of the European Union without being obligated to reside permanently in Portugal. The Golden Residence Permit has been in effect since August 2012. Portugal is a very attractive option for non-EU citizens who also wish to provide families with a wonderful opportunity in education and lifestyle.

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VISA Benefits

Fast track for non-EU citizens to receive a 5 year Residence Permit. Free VISA travel in SCHENGEN countries. Family reunification, being able to work or study in Europe. Opportunity for Portuguese nationality or Permanent residency in Portugal.

Qualifying Options

One of the following: Acquisition of any Property above € 500,000. Transfer of capital above € 1,000,000, any type of business or company or do a bank deposit for income. Creation of a minimum of 10 permanent jobs.

Renewals & Conditions

Firstly issued for one year and then renewed for successive periods of two years. Keep of one of investment activities as well as the following minimum stay periods in Portugal: - 7 days during the first year. - 14 days in the following two-year periods.

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Portugal Golden VISA information


1. Explanation about the different investment activities

One of the following qualifying options is necessary to get the Golden Visa to Portugal:

1.1. Acquisition of any Property above € 500,000.

We can put you in contact with the main real estate agencies in Portugal and help you to select the property, negotiate it, establish the contract and represent you in deed and registry or guiding you through the Golden Visa process with the property you selected under your research.

propertyresidence visaproperty visa

Some conditions and possibilities regarding property investment:

 -   Acquisition of Properties above € 500,000 purchased after 8th October 2012.
-   Acquisition completed before the application for residency permit.
-   Properties should be acquired free from any charges or mortgages.
-   Possibility of co-ownership with each co-owner making an investment of a minimum of € 500,000;
-   Promissory Contracts of Purchase and Sale for the initial investor residency application, provided that a deposit of a minimum of € 500,000 is paid.  In this event, the purchase of the property needs to be effected until the time of the first renewal of the residency permit.
-    Possibility of financing to purchase the property above the € 500,000 investment;
-    The properties acquired can be freely rented and let for commercial, agricultural and tourism purposes;

1.2. Transfer of capital above € 1,000,000, any type of business or company or do a bank deposit for income.

We work with the major financial institutions in Portugal. We help you to negotiate deposits and to select investments.

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1.3. Creation of a minimum of 10 permanent jobs.


2. Documents & requirements:

Provided by client:

- Valid Passport, Schengen Visa and travel document (all family).
- Birth certificate (all family, apostilled and translated).
- Marriage certificate (apostilled and translated).
- Document that states that the children are dependent from fathers, if they’re bigger than 18 years (apostilled and translated).
- Absence of criminal conviction (Criminal Record) (all family, apostilled and translated).

Law office takes care of:

- Proof of valid medical insurance and proof of address
- Proof of legal entry and permanence in national territory
- Declaration proving the absence of debts issued by the Inland Revenue and Customs Authority and by the Social Security
- Updated property documents showing ownership of property, or
- Signed Promissory Contract with payment of a deposit above € 500,000, or
- Declaration from a bank in Portugal confirming the transfer of the funds
- Absence of notice from the Portuguese Immigration Authorities or Schengen Services
- Declaration from the investor confirming compliance with the investment requirements for 5 years


3. Typical Application costs paid to the Government

Consult us for an detailled excell table with costs for all family, including initial application and renewals.

- Processing Fee (initial application and renewals) - € 513,75 - Initial Investor Residency Permit - € 5.137,50 - Renewal of Investor Residency Permit - € 2.568,75 - Initial Residency Permit for Family Members - € 5.137,50 - Renewal of Residency Permit for Family Members - € 2.568,75


4. VISA processing

Get in touch with us for detailed information about the VISA processing. Process can be started with investor presence in Portugal or prepared in advance through power of attorney at portuguese consulate.


5. FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Golden visa


What are the main advantages of the programme?  
-     No need to obtain a visa to enter Portugal
-     No need to obtain a visa to travel in Europe (Schengen area)  
-     Living and working in Portugal, even with residency in a different country
-     Residency extended to family members
-     Extremely low minimum stay periods  
-     Permanent Residency possible after 5 years
-     Citizenship possible after 6 years

What re the countries included within the Schengen Area?

The Schengen Area is a group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common borders. With a resident permit from Portugal, the investor is entitled to enter and travel freely throughout all the countries of the Schengen area.

The Schengen Area includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Should I have a personal bank account and TAX number in Portugal? Can you open it for me? Yes. It is necessary. We can open it for you through a power of attorney. So you just need to be in Portugal for applying for VISA.

Is it possible to make property investment in co-ownership? Yes, the property can be acquire in co-ownership, if each co-owner making an investment of a minimum of 500 thousand euros.

Do I have to pay taxes and fees for purchasing real estate in Portugal? Yes. The taxes related with property are IMT, IMI and IS. You also have to cover the Notary fees and Real Estate registration fee.
For more specific information about taxation rates please refer to following see the document or get in touch with us.

If an investment was made before the publishing of a new law, can the investor still apply for the residence permit? The Golden Residence Permit Programme is applicable only for the investments made after the law is in force. In this case the law has taken effect from the date of 8 October 2012.

How long will it take to make a decision regarding the residence permit? After submission of all necessary documents final decision is taken in less than 10 days. To have the cards in hand in your home country by courier it should take less than 45 days.

What kind of document does applicant get if his / her residence permit is approved? The applicant will obtain a residence permit authorization card, which will serve as an ID or traveling document and will correspond for ID purposes in Portugal and other European Union countries.

What rights does a resident of Portugal have? A person authorized to live in Portugal, has the right to educationmaintain professional activity,health care, and justice system.

Which kind of identity do children who were born in Portugal have? Children born in Portugal can apply to Portuguese nationality.

Is there a limitation of family members? No.

Can you explain who is considered member of the family? The spouse. Minors or children who are under guardianship of the couple or of one of the spouses. Minors adopted by an unmarried applicant, by a married applicant or by the spouse, Children who are of age and of whom the couple or one of the spouses is in charge, that attend a teaching institution. Progenitors in the first ascending line of the of the resident or the respective spouse, provided they depend from either of those.

All-in-one Package


Package of legal services covering from property acquisition to application for residency permit.

Property Work


Preparation and assistance on property acquisition, including client representation.

Residency Application


Representation before the Portuguese Authorities, plus full assistance with renewals.

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Portugal overview

Information about Portugal | covering country history and other facts

According to unsuspicious Lonely Planet:

While it's true that Portugal is no longer the Iberian Peninsula's best-kept secret, it's fairly easy to escape the crowds. Even at the busiest resorts in the Algarve, it only takes a short bus ride or a walk across countryside to reveal rarely visited places that still offer the feeling of discovery - a sentiment close to the Portuguese soul. Portugal has an old-fashioned charm, with medieval castles and picture-perfect villages scattered over meandering coastlines and flower-covered hillsides. From the ancient university town of Coimbra to Lord Byron's favorite Portuguese haunt, Sintra, the country's proud history can be felt everywhere.

Sun-kissed beaches like Cascais and Sagres offer enticements of a more hedonistic sort. Indeed, the dramatic, end-of-the-world cliffs, wild dune-covered beaches, protected coves and long, sandy islands of Portugal's coastline have long enchanted visitors and locals alike. Meanwhile, the country's capital, Lisbon, and its northern rival, Porto, are magical places for the wanderer, with riverside views, cobblestone streets and rattling trams framed by looming cathedrals.

Ready to go?

These tours & activities make it easy:

Portuguese tourism institutional videos:

Some links to Travel Websites:

National Geographic

Never Stop Travel

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About us

Law firm located in Lisbon, with partnerships established along Portugal mainland and island territories. We can represent you as an immigration agency or individual in all process of VISA from the beginning to the end of the application, and also to support until the Permanent VISA or citizenship application.

Lawyers profiles

Clara Silva da Costa.

Degree in Law with aggregation to Portuguese Bar Association - licence 45229L.

Graduation in Registries and Notarial Practice and also Labour law.

United Nations Law and Justice Research Institute, Legal adviser until 2011.

Our Process

One-Stop office in Portugal for supporting you on residence permit and investment in Portugal. Investment in Portugal easy and safe with proper legal support and independent advice.

Our services

Accounting; Contractual Services; Meeting Scheduling (investors, entities, authorities); Interpreter and Translation Services; Real Estate Support; Upon request airport pick-up and Sightseeing.

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